We are Manufacturing white Round Cut Diamond all sizes like -2, +2(Star), +6.5(Melles), +11, +14, +18 and +23 up to 5 Cts. We sale all 0.30+ Ct Diamonds are loose or Certified.

White (-2)White (+2) StarWhite +6.5 (Melles)White +11 (0.10 cts) White 1/5(0.20 cts) White 1/4(0.25cts) White 1/3(0.33cts)
Sieve -2
(1.10mm to 1.25mm)
+2 -6.5
(1.25mm to 1.80mm.)
+6.5 -11
(1.80mm to 2.70mm.)
+11 - 6
(2.7mm to 3.70mm.)
Pointer 0.002ct to 0.009ct0.01ct to 0.03 ct.0.04ct to 0.07ct.0.08ct to 0.17ct. 0.18ct to 0.23ct0.23ct to 0.29ct0.30ct to 0.37ct
PCs/Cts 165 approx85 approx30 approx10 approx 5 approx4 approx3 Approx
Clarity IF-VVS , VS, SI, I, I3 down clarity also available
Color D,E,F,GH
Shape Round
Cut Ex-VG
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